Monday, April 26, 2010


okay so this is my first ever attemp to write a blog, i plan to write about my building process with metricon. My husband and I have just sold our house and are awaiting for that to become unconditional as we also sold the house about 2 months ago and 1 day before the 10% was due the lady who brought it finance fell through so we had to delay building our new house and was hit with a $2000 metricon price rise! We have decided to build the santorini 29 and I have spent the last few days trying to find other blogs that have gone through the same process as i am, and their hard to find.

We have had our walk through with Metricon to work out all the extras in the display home (eynesbury) that we would like and all the things that are not included! if you are building this home DO NOT walk through their enesbury display as it is nothing like the original plans. my husband and I have finally settled on the extras that we really want and got rid of a few things that we didnt need. Now we are waiting for our sc from metricon to approve all our changes so we can sign off on the final plans.

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