Saturday, July 17, 2010

argh! metricon

Metricon have really stuffed us around, we were all ready for the 10 week site start but our SC kept stuffing up our paper work and finally told us that we cannot go ahead with the 10 week site start. not happy! We have our colour app on Wednesday at studio m so i am looking forward to that but also not looking forward to seeing all the upgrade prices. I already know i am going to want to upgrade my bricks as i am not happy with any of the cat 1.
I'm not sure how long it takes after colour app for site start but fingers crossed it's not to long of a wait.
The fence between us and our neighbour has been put up and i am not to happy with it as they have left a gap big enough at the bottom for my kids to crawl under, i am sure i will receive the bill shortly and really don't think i should have to pay for such a bad job.
I will update next week with the colours i have chosen.