Saturday, July 17, 2010

argh! metricon

Metricon have really stuffed us around, we were all ready for the 10 week site start but our SC kept stuffing up our paper work and finally told us that we cannot go ahead with the 10 week site start. not happy! We have our colour app on Wednesday at studio m so i am looking forward to that but also not looking forward to seeing all the upgrade prices. I already know i am going to want to upgrade my bricks as i am not happy with any of the cat 1.
I'm not sure how long it takes after colour app for site start but fingers crossed it's not to long of a wait.
The fence between us and our neighbour has been put up and i am not to happy with it as they have left a gap big enough at the bottom for my kids to crawl under, i am sure i will receive the bill shortly and really don't think i should have to pay for such a bad job.
I will update next week with the colours i have chosen.


  1. Not sure if you have to get developer approval but if so you could be looking at another 3 months before site start after colour appointment. I was told initially that I could do the 10 week site start but then it ballooned to 5 months.

    Colour appointment is the fun part, enjoy!

  2. wow 3 months! thats crazy. they are now saying that i am running out of time for final contracts as i have 150 days from initial deposit but due to our sc writing down the wrong lot number all our soil test have been on the wrong block.
    i have to learn patience. we have had our colour app wich was fun however i felt really rushed through the whole day. I will update you all on my colours later when i have more time to write.

  3. It took us 7 months to get Metricon to get the paper work correct. All i can say is make sure your contract is 100% right !
    Go through everything with absolute detail as you can't change anything once you sign. It is better to get it right now then to start and notice things wrong. We went through ours so many times and still we have had a few issues.

  4. Hi there, we signed back on 9th Dec 2009 for a 10 week start date, it is now Aug 2010 and we still dont have a start date!!! I laugh everytime i walk through a display and i see metricon's big 10 week promotion, more like 10 months! good luck and hope it doesnt happen to you.

  5. It took 5 times before they got our final plans right, even after i went and visited them on the second time.
    But like Rheanna said make sure it is right and where you want things put, because you cant change them later without incurring a penalty.
    Good luck.

  6. Just wondering how you are going with things? How did your colour appointment go? I would love to know what colours and brick you have chosen and if you have a site start date yet.

  7. Hi there, I am thinking of building my home with the Metricon (Laguna 33). Please guide me what all steps and precautions I have to look into before signing the contract. What I should be expecting?

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  9. im so sorry but i know longer have access to my blog :( i cannot get it back, thaqt is why i have not been updating.